Prenatal classes for birthers and their partners

Everything you and your partner need to know about birth

An intensive course over 2 times, where the pregnant lady and her partner learn everything they need to know about birth in Denmark.

About the class

The better you are prepared, the better the birth and birth experience!

First time we meet, we will focus mainly - but not only- on theory about the birth, to make you and you partner confident when those contractions start rolling! We will go through:

  • birth phases
  • When to go to hospital
  • What to expect if your stay at the hospital and pain relief
  • Role of the partner
  • Safety

The second time we meet, we will focus on mainly- but not only- exercises to support and relief during birth. Please come in comfortable clothes and bring a non flexible scarf. We will learn:

  • Using the body optimally during contractions
  • Resting positions
  • Rebozo
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Hypnobirthing/visualisation
  • Constructive coaching of the birthing lady.Signing up

Signing up

For pregnant ladies and their partner. Note there is a fee on billetto when purchasing a ticket. Klick on the date you wish, for signing up and payment.

Practical information

The course is over 2 times, Monday 8-13 and Friday (same week) 11-15.

March: 23/3 samt 27/3  Cancelled

April: 20/4 samt 24/4   Cancelled

Maj: 25/5 samt 29/5 

June: 8/6 samt 12/6  and  29/6 samt 3/7


please send an e mail to the instructor, sitting about your preferred language and any specific questions you would like to cover.


Midwife and massage therapist Liv Friberg:

Liv has many years of experience of family creation and fertility. She offers courses and workshops in English and Danish, and private instruction also in German and French.  Her courses and workshops are on a variety of topics, like practical birth preparation, breast feeding and solo parenting. In addition to this, she has her own midwifery practice in all her professional languages.